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Welcome – OPTIMA CLIP !!!
The new clip for connecting the plant to the twine is available!

Item# 550kc-12 - Optima Clip 23 mm

- High standards quality
- 100% premium raw material
- Upgraded design to minimize tomatoes damage

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Paskal Nederland BV at HortiContact !!!
As one of the largest manufacturers, importers and suppliers, Paskal Nederland BV participates in the yearly Dutch horticulture "HortiContact", The biggest horticulture platform in the Netherlands.

We look forward to meeting you in Gorinchem in February, 2018!
Welcome – Mr. Deniz GÜNDOĞDU !!!
Covering the globe with its unique line of products, Paskal Technologies, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trellising accessories, providing modern, agricultural solutions for greenhouses, orchards and vineyards.
For expanding its work in Turkey, Paskal has hired Mr. Deniz GÜNDOĞDU to be the local representative for this market. With his experience from soluble-commodity fertilizer, seeds and drip irrigation business, Paskal has the intention to strengthen its relationship with this market.
For more information about Paskal’s products please contact Mr. Deniz GÜNDOĞDU or visit our website.
Cell phone: +90 5332732811
Welcome - Turbo Hook !!!
A new lightning-fast hook with free-fall technology that is twice as fast as any other hook.
Combining features that help you save time, improve productivity and reduce labour costs.
PASKAL TURBO HOOK is designed to help you grow efficiently.

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Welcome - Paskal Nederlands B.V.!!!
Paskal Technologies LTD is very excited and proud to announce of its new Duch Company: Paskal Nederlands B.V. as from January 1st 2017.
Paskal Nederlands B.V. will be Paskal’s Technologies local representative for The Dutch and German markets which include: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland.
Mr. Joost van Rooij will manage Paskal Nederlands B.V. office which is located in:
Walserij 53
2211 SJ
The Netherlands
For any information about Paskal’s products please contact him or visit our website:
Cell phone: +31 6538 21 545
Welcome - 561ac !!!
The new arch is available!
Item# 561ac -Top Flex Arch 6 mm
- Sel-Adjustable
- Rounded edges
- 6 mm
- White Color
- Biodegradable: Optional
New Catalogue!
Paskal New Catalogue is now available online!

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“Growth Analysis System”
Paskal is proud to announce that we started to sell the new “Growth Analysis System”, patent pending monitoring system, based on wireless weighing units that enable the user to observe and analyze a spatial and comprehensive overview of greenhouse performance and crop growth rates.

We are very glad to announce that the first three customers that will start to use our “Growth Analysis System” soon are: Nature Fresh from Canada , Seasun and V/D Bosch from The Netherlands.

For more details of our “Growth Analysis System”

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Rebranded boxes.
As a part of Paskal new branding project, our boxes are also being rebranded according to the new line.
When the next shipment arrives, you will be surprised!
Paskal - Sharira St. ,Park Koren P.O. Box 603, Ind.Zone Ma'alot 2101601, ISRAEL Phone: + 972-4-6679500 Fax: + 972-4-9575844 E-Mail :
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