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Covering the globe with its unique line of products, Paskal Technologies, is one the world's leading manufacturers of trellising accessories, providing modern, agricultural solutions for greenhouses, orchards and vineyards. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, in over 70 different countries around the world. Direct communication, combined with professional know-how and expert guidance, serves as Paskal Technologies' common denominator in working with growers and selecting the most appropriate trellising method for their specific crops and needs.

Paskal Technologies' philosophy is straightforward: suit the trellising method to the specific crop, climate conditions, growing season and available manpower. These varying conditions set the tune for selecting the most appropriate products and the most promising method for a successful yield. Accordingly, numerous trellising products and systems have been developed to meet the diversified needs of growers.

Paskal Technologies operates an efficient global network of distributors, enabling accessibility and availability to clients throughout the world, while maintaining abundant stock supplies in company warehouses – in Israel, Spain, Mexico, Canada and Poland – and is assisted by additional distributors in other parts of the world.

Our motto is plain and simple:
Paskal is a local manufacturer anywhere in the world!

Paskal Technologies is a member of the Paskal Group, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural products and solutions for agricultural production in greenhouses.
Paskal - Sharira St. ,Park Koren P.O. Box 603, Ind.Zone Ma'alot 2101601, ISRAEL Phone: + 972-4-6679500 Fax: + 972-4-9575844 E-Mail : [email protected]
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